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Re: requalification of arm as etch release architecture

> On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 10:25:16AM +0100, Phillip Stevens wrote:
> > Clearly a good recommendation is the PePLink MANGA which runs Debian.
> > It has 5x Ethernet ports, and a UBB2.0 Controller (VT-6212).

Riku asked:
> Do you have any plans for 2.6 kernel and inclusion to the mainstream
> kernel?

There is a community of both PePLink employees and their customers who
are seeking to develop a patch to enable 2.6 to run properly on the Manga.
Many months ago, it would boot and worked fine providing you didn't want to
use the PCI bus.  USB, which is needed for Debian root FS, is on the PCI.

> It would be really nice to have PePLink MANGA as an officially supported
> debian system, but currently it looks like it only has kernel patches 
> available for 2.4 series.

I'd assume that PePLink would love to migrate beyond 2.4.x ...
think of all the extra features in the 2.6 kernel series.

> As for etch, debian will only support 2.6 (and
> a specific release of that), since the mess of 2.2/2.4.*/2.6.* kernel in
> woody and sarge is horrible mess to maintain security updates..

I originally created those Debian images for stable release ...
(1) for existing Manga owners (such as me) while Sarge==Stable,
(2) as a stepping stone into the release cycle for 2.6 based Etch.

The transition to 2.6 on Manga may be sooner for Developers.
When running as a buildd cluster or for similar Debian purposes,
it is advantageous to host the root filesystem over NFS on a
separate fileserver, just like you'd expect on many other clusters.
Since an NFSROOT doesn't need the USB, 2.6 may already be usable.
I'll look into it.

Hope that helps,

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