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Re: requalification of arm as etch release architecture

James wrote:

> Well might I suggest something very piratical? Although
> I'm far too busy and committed on current projects, I
> do like to follow embedded linux (of a Debian flavor)
> on arm processors. So I would suggest the group name
> a few, well supported embedded development boards
> that users can purchase, and use to test and follow
> the (Debian) arm issues. That way, when an embedded linux
> project comes along, we can recommend a board/chip
> we have some familiarity with, not as a port maintainer,
> but as a product developer. A short list of embedded boards
> that run embedded Debian, at reasonable prices, would
> be quite attractive to the larger product development
> community, thus gaining embedded Debian (this list)
> a larger, technical following.
I *really* like this idea. I don't care for the "reasonable prices" bit, though. The list should include All price ranges. When I bought my Sharp Zaurus C860, it was the most high-end Zaurus available. Some people want power with Linux too.

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