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Re: requalification of arm as etch release architecture

On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 01:12:14AM +0200, Peter Teichmann wrote:
> Well, I am definitely a user. Debian Testing is in permanent use on a Simtec 
> Bast, which serves as my internet gateway machine at home (and usually has 
> 95% cpu time free...). But how can I add myself as user?

1) install and run popularity-contest on the machine, to get you machine 
   to: http://popcon.debian.org/
2) add yourself to the list at:

> I am a potential Debian developer as well ... but which obstacles have to be 
> overcome for this (besides technical qualification which I hope is not a 
> problem)?

You mostly need patience, will for longterm commitment and zen-like mind
to keep flamewars.


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