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Re: attempt at a big-endian debian ARM 'port'

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 01:19:02AM +0200, Marco Canini wrote:

> Hi Lennert,


> nice to hear that. If you look at the archive you'll see I came in
> this list to ask for a big-endian port.  Unfortunately I was told
> that it would be difficult to have an official debian port.
> However I think it's feasible and there're also other guys who might
> be interested in this port.

The 'porting' was actually rather easy so far.  I'm not sure what the
policy for integrating a new architecture into debian is, but I'm willing
to maintain and host the armeb port somewhere myself.  Even if the armeb
architecture is not officially incorporated, maybe some of the necessary
patches for armeb could be merged anyway, which would make the job of
maintaining the port even easier.

> I've seen you have chosen the armeb architecure, can you post the
> flags you've used to build the cross toolchain?

I didn't use any cross toolchain.  I started with my Fedora Core 2 port
(which also uses gcc 3.3) and then built dpkg, then tried to build all
of gcc's dependencies (there are a _lot_ of those) from debian source
using dpkg, and I have all of those dependencies satisfied so right now
it's trying to build gcc.  Once that's done, I'll make a Fedora-free
root filesystem and rebuild everything I've built so far.

> I suggest the soft floating point and armv5 switches if we target
> IXP2400.

I'm using the debian default float mode, which is hardfloat.  I'd also
like to use this port on an intel ixp1200 board I have here, which is
based on a strongarm (v4) core.

> Please can you provide a preinstalled root tree from which we can
> start doing something.

My current root filesystem is an ugly mix of debian and fedora
packages.  Once I have gcc as well as some other crucial packages
built, I'll redo my root filesystem and put it up for download.


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