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attempt at a big-endian debian ARM 'port'

(please CC, not on the list)

Hi all!

I've been working on a big-endian debian ARM 'port' for some days now,
and I'd like to share the result so far with you all.


So far I've managed to build about 600 packages.  Right now I'm working
toward satisfying the build dependencies for gcc, and then I'll try to
build gcc and then rebuild everything built so far.  (Lather, rinse,

The main reason for doing this 'port' is that I need a distro to run on
my big-endian NSLU2 (IXP4xx) and IXP2000 platforms.  I ported Fedora Core
2/3/4 to big-endian ARM first (http://skrybele.wantstofly.org/), but
getting the necessary patches integrated upstream has turned out not
very productive at all, and I'm frustrated enough to ditch Fedora in
favor of something else if that something else will cause less hassle for
me in the long run.  Since debian already has an ARM port, this makes my
job considerably easier..

Comments welcome!  (Please CC..)


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