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libc6-dev sys/ucontext.h differs between ARM and i386?!


I have problems building Quagga on ARM [1]. All other architectures work.
The problem seems to be in a libc6-dev (2.3.2.ds1-22) header file which 
differs between i386 and arm although the libc6-dev version number is 
the same.

The exact problem is that <sys/ucontext.h> depends on
<sys/procfs.h> on arm but not on i386. This procfs.h then
includes <sys/user.h> which contains "struct user" which collides
with a symbol of the same name in the application.
(FWIW, <sys/ucontext.h> is included by <signal.h> which is included
by the applications "lib/zebra.h")

Can you tell me if this is a bug or if there's an easy workaround?


-christian- (please cc)


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