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Re: Big endian in debian ARM

On Fri, May 27, 2005 at 12:46:52PM -0500, Bill Gatliff wrote:
> I have a working, minimal, little-endian debian-arm system, and so by 
> definition I have a list of packages needed to get a minimal, big-endian 
> debian-arm system going. 
> So, "all I would have to do" is to rebuild those packages with a 
> big-endian cross compiler on the debian-arm[el] machine?  I.e. merely 
> tweak the compiler switches used during the rebuild?  Then I could 
> gather up those packages and use debootstrap (?) to construct a minimal 
> armeb system, boot that system, and finish building the other 
> ten-zillion debian packages?
> Would that work?

Debian packages in general are not designed to be cross compiled
(problem is things like autoconf run tests on the host to figure things
out and have to run on the target platform).

You have to do the build on an arm big endian linux to make things
really work out easily.  I suspect you can get dpkg going without too
much work and put in a local path somewhere, and then gcc you probably
already have, and you should be able to add in the requirements for a
new architecture in dpkg for big endian arm along with the uname -m etc
the arch table so it will use your new armeb packages when it sees your
uname -m.

Len Sorensen

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