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Re: RiscPC !dInstall

Am Samstag, 7. Mai 2005 01:35 schrieb Aurélien GÉRÔME:
> I probably have a broken RiscOS 3.7. Hence, I cannot execute !dInstall
> on it. It fails with:
> "An application that loads a file of this type has not been found by
> the Filer. Open a directory display containing the required application
> and try again."
> I already set the file type to 'Obey', but it does not do any good... I
> am completely clueless about RiscOS stuff. Can anyone point me out
> what I need to do in RiscOS 3.7 to execute !dInstall?

What exactly did you do? Can we get a detailed description which archives you 
downloaded from where, how you unpacked them, where you possibly installed 
parts of them, and which file/application you try to execute? Without that, 
it is very difficult to guess what your problem is.

Peter Teichmann

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