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Re: netwinder floating point


I get 2 different answers for sqrt(200).  with the fastfpe giving a different answer from lets say i386 while the 
nwfte give the exact answer that i386 does.

I am away from the system now, so I can't reboot it into 2.4.27, I will do it tomorrow and report back to the list


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Subject: Re: netwinder floating point

> Am Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2005 17:45 schrieb Jim Buttafuoco:
> > All,
> >
> > Does anyone know why the netwinder 2.4.27 kernel is compiled with the
> > CONFIG_FPE_FASTFPE=y instead of CONFIG_FPE_NWFPE (like 2.4.25 was)?  I was
> > having problems (sqrt) with the 2.4.27 kernel that don't happen with the
> > 2.4.25 kernel.
> It is probably compiled with FastFPE because it is noticably faster (for 
> instance with apt and dselect) and there were no known bugs anymore. Would 
> you please consider reporting what kind of problem you have with sqrt and 
> FastFPE? Without useful error reports, errors will just persist.
> Thanks,
> Peter Teichmann
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