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Re: Call for temporary buildds

In message <87zn4qgv9o.fsf@mrvn.homelinux.org>
          Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:

> The arm port has build up a huge backlog on the autobuilder (>700
> packages) and is acting as a doorstoper to the sarge release. So I'm
> putting out a call for temporary buildds to help bring down the
> backlog.
> Requirements:
> - an arm cpu of course :)


We have an Iyonix (600Mhz ARM machine) that may be available for at
least part time buildding (I'm the only one who uses it currently),
along with a DD to look after it. We're all very busy right now, but
we'll get back to you if we sort something out.

Peter Naulls - peter@chocky.org        | http://www.chocky.org/
Unix Programs on RISC OS               | http://www.chocky.org/unix/

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