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Call for temporary buildds


please CC me on all message since I'm not subscribed.

The arm port has build up a huge backlog on the autobuilder (>700
packages) and is acting as a doorstoper to the sarge release. So I'm
putting out a call for temporary buildds to help bring down the


- an arm cpu of course :)

- at least 4GB free disk space, less is not realy worth it, the more
  the better

- being a DD or knowing one that you trust with root access (and that
  trusts you)

- cheap/free bandwith. You don't need much speed (dsl is enough for
  example) but a buildd has lots of traffic from the next debian mirror
  (esspecially untill its apt cache gets filled).

If you don't know how to setup or run a buildd you can be tought. If
you are willing to learn and have the time don't let that stop you.


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