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Re: Bug#264860: icu28: FTBFS on arm

>   > icu28 has not been built successfully on arm.  This is not keeping
>   > icu28 out of sarge because it has never been in sarge before and is
>   > therefore not blocked by being out of date on arm.  However,
>   I can see that the GCC on ARM is fscked for some reason (or the buildd
>   hardware). And since there is no useable ARM machine for Debian
>   developers (with shell access) I have to assume that the whole ARM port
>   is just a joke nowadays. I will remove ARM from the architecture list
>   very soon since I do not much sense in supporting it. Sorry that you get
>   into problems with that.

My inclination would be to remove arm from the list of packages on
which xerces is supported rather than to revert to an older version of
ICU.  I didn't realize there was no arm machine that DDs had shell
access to.  This would make it very impractical to try to track down
this problem.  Anyway, I'll do a little digging before I make a
decision.  Thanks for the quick response.


Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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