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Re: Bug#264860: icu28: FTBFS on arm

severity 264860 important

#include <hallo.h>
* Jay Berkenbilt [Tue, Aug 10 2004, 01:45:50PM]:

> http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?&pkg=icu28&ver=2.8-3&arch=arm&file=log
> icu28 has not been built successfully on arm.  This is not keeping
> icu28 out of sarge because it has never been in sarge before and is
> therefore not blocked by being out of date on arm.  However,

I can see that the GCC on ARM is fscked for some reason (or the buildd
hardware). And since there is no useable ARM machine for Debian
developers (with shell access) I have to assume that the whole ARM port
is just a joke nowadays. I will remove ARM from the architecture list
very soon since I do not much sense in supporting it. Sorry that you get
into problems with that.

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