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Re: getting packages to rebuild

>   > Yes, it seems the most recent arm build failed, but yet the current
>   > icu28 (2.8-3) is in testing.  Perhaps someone built it manually.
>   > There are no bugs posted again icu28.
>   In testing but not in unstable for arm? Or in testing without arm
>   support?

Hmm.  In testing and unstable without arm support.  How does this
happen?  The debian/control says Architecture: all for relevant
packages.  I don't see any mention of xerces or icu in

>   > Hmm.... what does Not-For-Us mean?  My packages all had either
>   > Architecture: any or Architecture: all, so I don't see why this would
>   > happen.
>   http://people.debian.org/~wouter/wanna-build-states

There's a lot of information hidden beneath the surface, it seems.  Is
there a place through which I could have discovered this, other than
asking on debian-mentors? :-)

>   http://www.buildd.net/buildd/Packages-arch-specific is a global list
>   for such packages while buildd admins can put packages into the
>   not-for-us state for a single arch which seems to be your case.
>   You need to talk to the mips buildd admin to revert that.

I'm not seeing xerces or icu packages in these lists.  Am I missing


>   >>   mips, mipsel, powerpc: libs/xerces24_2.4.0-2: Not-For-Us [extra:out-of-date]
>   >>
>   >>   Why do you support even less archs?
>   >
>   > I'd like to know that too.  I don't think it's anything I did.  How
>   > would I find out?
>   Ask the buildd admins since its not on the global list.

And how would I go about asking the buildd admins?  Is there a list
for this?  Are there specific people whose email addresses I should
use?  Sorry if I'm being thick-headed about this, but this seems to be
one area where documentation is (uncharacteristically) sparse.


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