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Re: Bug#245893: Boost.Python looks broken on debian/arm

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 10:01:09AM -0400, David Abrahams wrote:
> Domenico Andreoli <cavok@tiscali.it> writes:
> >
> > i'm forwarding it here, on boost developers ml, as last chance to settle
> > this out and finally make 1.31.0 reach debian sarge.
> What compiler are you using?  Can you post a small reproducible test
> case for this issue?

gcc 3.3.3 on debian unstable.

> > it may also look like a problem in MPL.
> Yes, as far as I can tell you may be right about that.
>   template <class Tuple, class Predicate>
>   struct tuple_extract
>       : tuple_extract_base_select<
>          Tuple
>          , typename mpl::lambda<Predicate>::type
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>       >::type
>   {
>   };
> Is supposed to transform the Predicate,
> boost::python::detail::is_reference_to_member_function_pointer<boost::mpl::_1>
> into a metafunction class (something with a nested ::apply template)
> if it is not already such a beast.  Instead it seems to be returning
> the Predicate intact.  
> I can think of some possible workarounds (in the Boost.Python code),
> but without a reproducible case I'd be loathe to vouch for any of them.

debian arm machine is currently out of luck, i've never been able to
reproduce and size down the test case :(

i'll post it as soon as i have back the arm machine.


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