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Re: debian-installer on arm status

[Peter Naulls]
> Can someone list the various issues that need to be resolved, and
> point out if anyone is working on anything for ARM d-i currently?
> Vince?

Based on my sparse knowledge on the d-i porting efforts on the
existing archs, I believe it is mostly these steps:

 - get 'make demo' working, making sure cdebconf and the d-i framework
   is ok

 - fix booting (CD/floppy/tape/net/whatever) to get d-i started on a
   blank machine

 - check and improve HW detection

 - fix partitioning (seem to be arch dependent if this is needed or

 - look at kernel selection issues

 - fix boot loader installation

Some archs of course run into other and stranger problems, but these
are the ones than need to be addressed on all archs.

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