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Re: debian-installer on arm status

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 08:55, Wookey wrote:

> D-B people - Is the above still true? ARM currently has (approximately) one
> kernel per machine. Even just supporting the existing supported stuff and
> things that have enough resources for installing Debian to be a vaguely
> sensible thing to do (which excludes quite a lot of potential machines),
> means at least 10 kernel udebs, and some lesser number of initrds and module
> sets.

That's not really that bad.  Given the time limit, it's not bad enough
that I'd spend any time worrying about it that I could spend doing
porting work. =)

> Likely targets that someone cares about enough to support are:
> Iyonix, RiscPC, Riscstation, Netwinder, Balloon, CATS, LART.

Looking at the Woody boot disks, ARM has support for CATS, LART, RiscPC
and Netwinder there.  Are these other ones new machines that are
supported, or did they fit somehow boot off of those other images?

Jeff Bailey

I never know what to expect when you respond to my postings. No insult
intended, you are merely a surprise :)
 - Carlos O'Donnell

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