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Re: Debian ARM meeting in Cambridge

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          James <james@buffer.net> wrote:

Your reply is somewhat tangetial to my post, but I'll reply anyway.

> Is this support for Debian-arm based PC and PDA's only, or will the support
> include many of the arm cores, that are now available from a myriad of 
> channels,
> such as microcontroller manufacturers, System on Chip vendors  and IP 
> core vendors for FPGA?

Debian ARM already runs on all modern (and many not-so-modern)
ARM-based chipsets.  The exception is boot floppies (can't speak for
Debian installer), which only supports a small number of machines, but
there are many ways around this such as using debootstrap.

> My interests are more aligned with Debian-arm for development tools and
> consolidation
> of building kernels and applications for embedded systems, particularly 
> 2.6.x based
> systems.  

This is an area you are far from alone in - I know a number of
commerical customers who have the same interest.

> Arm as recently acquired Trisend, a company that offers a System On Chip,
> including an arm-7. Will support for this product line be included as 
> part of the
> debian-arm effort?

Explictly -  unlikely unless someone takes an interest, but see the

> Any infomation Arm wants to provide on that SOC, and hundreds of other ARM*
> offerings, for Embedded support, via Debian, is most welcome, in addition to
> a roadmap for Arm +2.6.x embedded kernels.

I'm not in a position to speak about ARM's involvement in this; this is
probably better directed at Wookey.   However, I would suggest that
most, if not all, of your issues are kernel related, and don't have
much bearing on Debian per se.

> Transient commercial tool offerings, are not very reassuring to
> companies that
> are considering ARM Projects. ARM+2.6_embedded_linux_kernel+Debian 
> development tools
> would go a long way to atrracting more converts to the arm families of 
> processors.

I'm sure that's true.  But for various reasons much of the current
embedded effort is 2.4 focussed.  I'm sure this will soon change.

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