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Re: Applying Debian glibc patches on a non-Debian machine


I've worked it out. I was in the wrong directory when
applying the patches.
Incase anyone else is interested in doing the same thing,
here's my script:

# unpack the debian orig source ball
tar zxf ${ORIGPATH}/source/glibc_*orig*
cd glibc*

# Use the Debian script to extract glibc and overlay linuxthreads
/bin/bash prep.sh

# Get the GLIBC version
GLIBVER="$( find . -type d -name 'glibc-*' -printf "%f\n" )"

# Install the debian directory
zcat ${ORIGPATH}/source/glibc_*diff* | patch -p1

# The nptl patches fail because prep.sh doesn't overlay it.
DPATCHES="$( grep -v '^#' debian/patches/00list )"
for pf in ${DPATCHES}; do
    if [ -s ${patchf} ]; then
       chmod 755 ${patchf}
       ${patchf} -patch ${GLIBVER}

Stuart Winter
www.interlude.org.uk & www.biscuit.org.uk
| Washing machines live longer with Calgon

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