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Re: galeon builds


On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 20:26, Joe Buck wrote:
    I second this request; the only thing keeping meta-gnome2 out of testing is
    the lack of galeon on arm; every single other dependency is already in.

I don't know for sure how the autobuilders work, but the fact that
mozilla-browser cannot even install on ARM could have something to do
with the lack of a galeon build attempt.  Then again, I'd expect to see
an attempt of some kind, with a log showing the failure during that
installation step.

If someone wants to help fix bug #212569 (regxpcom segfault), that would
help to make this happen.  As you can see on that bug, I failed to even
determine where in the code it is segfaulting, so even some clue as to
how C++ flow logic is working there would be helpful...

(The "again" at the end of 212569 refers to my efforts to fix 215067,
which was an ARM-specific bug that caused mozilla's floating point
printing function to compute for a long while and then segfault.)

Perhaps 212569 should be severity "grave" since it prevents the building
of one or more other packages?

-Adam P.

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