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Question about the arm autobuilder.

Hello, ...

I have a question about the arm autobuilders, and well, since i don't
know exactly who to ask for a build rescheduling, i ask here.

http://www.debian.org/intro/organization show that Philip Blundell and 
Othmar Pasteka are the responsibles of the arm autobuilders, but since
it only gives the debian-arm email, i suppose it is best to ask here

I have a package, lablgl, for which a new upload failed to build on arm
(and alpha). I fixed the package and did a new upload, but the arm
autobuilder did not trigger a rebuild of the fixed version, so i suppose
that the package has been put on hold or something such. What is the
correct action i should take as a maintainer in such case, just wait it
out, or ask for a rebuilt ? My experience with the ia64 autobuilder is
that maintainer input is a good thing, but then the arm autobuilder may
be handled differently.

So, if it is possible, please rebuild lablgl, as it should build fine
now, it is the only architecture missing for it, and lablgl is a part of
a larger sub-pool of packages we are currently mini-freezing in order to
get it into testing, and other packages depend on this one.

As a side note, other package we are waiting one include the latest
tk8.3 (which failed because it depends on tcl8.3 which was uploaded the
exact same days as tk8.3, and thus not available), tetex-bin and


Sven Luther

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