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Re: Is there a web browser which actually works???

On Sat 14 Dec, Stefan Wuerthner wrote:
> Subject says it all...
> I installed several browsers under Debian 3.0/arm, but I'm not at all
> satisfied yet.

dillo works well, but doesn't do javascript, which can be rather limiting
these days. 

> Galeon and Mozilla for example are still not usable on my system: missing
> fonts in the menues and especially in the toolbar, and even the boxes for
> enterimg text (e.g. search window on ebay) are missing (only 1 pixel width).

Annoying this isn't it. We really must find out exactly where the problem
lies and send in a fix - so far as I can tell these browsers (now) work
apart from this.

> Has anyone out there had more success with this topic? If yes, can you
> share your 'secrets' with me how to get it working   :-))

I just stick to dillo on arm or put up with invisible fonts on mozilla :-)

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