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Zaurus 5500 instability

I recently snagged one of these toys, and it is in fact
highly unstable. I have to do a full reset quite frequently.
As yet I have not attempted to boot Debian on it, although
I may reach that stage soon. It has some shortcomings but
is no worse that trying to run Debian on older systems a
few years ago. If you just run the default system then it
works fairly well, but adding programs is problematic.

The device would surely benefit from the stability provided
by Debian-arm, although keeping the QTopia GUI is fairly
important, as I cannot justify purchasing such an expensive
gizmo without being able to sync it to my work (Outlook 2000)
environment. Nevertheless, I am the envy of the shop with
the most hi-tech pda around. Being able to telnet and ftp
to your PDA is kinda cool too!

It is a nice package if you understand that it is quirky,
unstable, yet very cool at the same time. I wouldn't get
rid of it for anything. A well spent $350 IMHO. Best toy
I ever got since I became a grownup :-)

- The Dougster

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