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[PATCH 2/2]: FastFPE 'cmf' fix for zero comparisons

FastFPE's implementation of the 'cmf' and 'cnf' opcodes incorrectly treat 
+0 and -0 as inequal numbers, which violates IEEE 754.

The enclosed patch fixes this bug by testing for the 
magic exponent that indicates 'zero' before testing the signs of the 
comparison operands.

Minimal test cases that illustrate the problem are at
<http://www.booyaka.com/~paul/arm/fpa11_cmf_tests.tar.gz>.  After patching
with the patch below, the result of the test cases is identical between
NWFPE and FastFPE.  (The test cases are derived from code posted earlier
by Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net> - thanks!)

This patch applies cleanly against 2.4.19-rmk2 and 2.5.30-rmk1.  (This is
also true for the previous 'lfm' patch.)

Thanks again to Tony Lindgren <tony@atomide.org> for his help with 
catching this bug.

- Paul

--- linux-2.4.19-rmk2/arch/arm/fastfpe/CPRT.S	Wed Sep 25 01:38:54 2002
+++ linux-2.4.19-rmk2-pjw/arch/arm/fastfpe/CPRT.S.new	Wed Sep 25 01:36:08 2002
@@ -128,6 +128,10 @@
 	cmp	r8,#0x7fffffff
 	cmpeq	r4,#0xffffffff
 	beq	CPRT_cmf_unordered
+	cmp	r7,#0x80000000  @ zero can be either positive or negative,
+	cmpeq	r8,#0x80000000  @ but +0 is equal to -0 in IEEE 754
+	beq	CPRT_cmf_equal	
 	cmp	r1,r2
 	beq	CPRT_cmf_equalsign

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