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Re: Targetting an embedded ARM chip?

On Sun 15 Sep, B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
> The key to making it all work, then, is your cross-compiling binutils
> which will give you a cross-linker. This is always the first step in
> making a cross-gcc setup. I won't tell you its easy, because it just
> isn't, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and you need to
> have compatible sources for a lot of different packages.
> Here is a guide by Jeff Bailey for building an X86->Hurd cross compiler.
> The steps for arm will be similar except your target will be something
> like "arm4vl-unknown-linux-gnu" and you won't need MIG, gnumach, or Hurd.
> http://www.freesoftware.fsf.org/thug/cross.html

There's a rather more arm-linux specific guide here:

(Not updated for GCC3 yet - info welcome)

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