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Re: I installed debian 3.0.. it's great, but...

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 10:10:14AM -0400, Patrice LaFlamme wrote:

> say I'm using bash.. I can press backscape all I want and it owrks ok.
> But when I enter vi, or mutt or whatever, it stops working correctly.)

Fun with terminal types 101.
Getting it to work consistently in all apps under console, x, screen,
is black magic.  Shouldn't be, but it is :(
Quick fix for misbehaving terminals: Type "stty erase <backspace>",
which will probably print ^H instead... then it will work.  Don't
bother putting it in your .bashrc though as it will f*** up something
else. ;(

Ralph Siemsen

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