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Re: installing Woody on a NetWinder

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Ron Golan wrote:

> > (1) Upgrade your Tulip firmware. This is very important to do
> >     first as the module is made for the 2.0x kernel. Find out
> >     how here:
> >     http://www.netwinder.org/cgi-bin/faq.cgi?req=all#7.4
> I'm running a 2.4 kernel now and using tulip.o but I don't remember
> ever upgrading the tulip firmware. Is there I way to check the
> firmware level and see if it's the latest. I did get a very late
> production Netwinder and maybe the firmware was already upgraded.

You only need to run the tulip upgrade once, and only if you have a really
old unit.

As well, there should be a version of the tulip upgrade module for 2.2
kernels, not certain if it has ever been built for 2.4.  Ralph?


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