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Support for intel Xscale [PXA250], real time, geode

hello list,
this is my first post to the arm list.
I'm new to linux, and have not yet started with.
I expect working on 2 kinds of processor boards, and doesn't yet know which linux distribution start with.
I need argument to choose debian, that's why I have some questions (the 2 first are not arm related, maybe somebody can reply or direct me to another list):
- are there some projects with NS Geode GX1 processor, and next (SC1200, 2200, 3200)
- have anybody experience with ECM5410 board from evalue-tech ?
- I heard about the SA1110 from Intel, but now that they have released their new PXA250 processor, which have a Xscale architecture, I wonder whether it is supported by Debian ?
- is there a list talking on Real time, like RTlinux, or similar ?
Thanks in advance



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