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Re: Would you help me with the netwinder 1024x768-16bpp setup ?

I'm thinking about re-rolling the kernel to build
all of the netfilter modules as monolithic. My
rationale is that I read due to page alignment
issues on ARM every module's size is rounded
up to the next 32k size. This makes it much
more favorable to build monolithic than modular
on ARM. Unfortunately, sound and video4linux
must remain as modules and it is not possible
to compile them monolithically. I figure that
a lot of people will continue to use the Netwinder
as a router / firewall even with Debian so this
makes sense to me.

Any comments?

- Doug

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[B. Douglas Hilton]

I have a kernel image available on my web page
which you can install over the debian version.

This worked like a charm. :-)

Thanks. :-)

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