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Re: Would you help me with the netwinder 1024x768-16bpp setup ?


I have a kernel image available on my web page
which you can install over the debian version.
It might not be a bad idea to install the 2.2.x kernel
just in case while your are at it.

First, copy your current kernel to make a backup

# cd /boot
# cp vmlinux-2.4.16-netwinder vmlinuz-2.4.16-netwinder.old
# cd /
# ln -s boot/vmlinuz-2.4.16-netwinder.old vmlinuz.old
# cd /lib/modules
# cp -a 2.4.16-netwinder 2.4.16-netwinder.old

Now you can safe boot by "setenv kernfile vmlinuz.old"

Go ahead and test it now to make sure it works.

Next, download my custom kernel.

get it here -- http://www.gyrodynamic.net

Download it and then...

# dpkg -i kernel-image-2.4.16-netwinder_1.00.Custom_arm.deb

This should get you going. Once you do this, run dselect and
put kernel-image on HOLD using the "=" key. This will keep
apt from reinstalling Debian's kernel over this one in the future,
since I dumbly gave it the same name but Debian's has a "newer"
version number; i.e. 1.00 vs 200111....

You're ready to reboot. Should work with no problems. If
for some reason it doesn't just reboot with "vmlinuz.old"
and reinstall Debian's version. ( You did test vmlinuz.old right? )

If all is well edit your XF86Config-4 and set it like this:

Section "Device"
   Identifier    "Default Video"
   Driver        "fbdev"
   Option        "UseFBDev"    "false"    # We are providing a modeline

Section "Monitor"
   Identifier        "Default Monitor"
   HorizSync       30-64     # Put your monitor info here instead of mine
   VertRefresh    50-120    # Put your monitor info here instead of mine
   Option            "DPMS"    # Sure why not
   Mode            "1024x768"        # got this with "fbset -x"
   # D: 78.746 MHz, H: 60.020 kHz, V: 75.025 Hz
           Dotclock    78.747
           HTimings    1024 1040 1136 1312
           VTimings    768 769 772 800
           Flags           "+HSync"    "+VSync"
   # If this mode doesn't work for you then use fbset at
   # the console, e.g. fbset 1024x768-70 for instance
   # when you get one that works that you like,
   # export the modeline with "fbset -x" and paste
   # in here

Section "Screen"
   Identifier "Default Screen"
   Device    "Default Video"
   Monitor    "Default Monitor"
   DefaultDepth    16
   SubSection "Display"
       Depth    16
       Modes    "1024x768"

... and thats about it. At this point it should be
working in 1024x768 with 16bpp.

Gyoung H Kim wrote:

Dear Mr. Hilton,
After spending lots of hours setting up the netwinder framebuffer without success, I find you posting as follows:

Ok, it was the kernel. I got a successfull build of the 2.4.16
kernel with make-kpkg and now I have X in 1024x768-16bpp@75Hz!

I can make it available if anybody wants to play with it. It
is in "deb" format. I did not include the parallel port ide
or scsi driver support, but otherwise it has all the options
for the Netwinder hardware.

Debian with kernel 2.4.16 is installed on my netwinder. Would you tell me how to set up the 1024x768-16bpp on netwinder/debian ? Any deb-packages/comments/help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Gyoung H. Kim
E-mail: gyounghkim@unitel.co.kr
Tel:  +82 2 558 2257
Fax: +82 2 558 8531

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