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Re: Which Debian package contains flashwrite?

[Ralph Siemsen]
> Well as it happens I wrote a manpage for flashwrite... feel free to
> include it...

Thanks.  I've submitted that as well, including the following patch:

 - fix typo
 - create nwflash device using mode 0600

--- flashwrite.8.orig   Mon Mar 11 12:45:45 2002
+++ flashwrite.8        Mon Mar 11 12:45:58 2002
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 This program is used to program the Flash memory (a.k.a. firmware) on a
 NetWinder.  The JTAG boundary-scan feature is (ab)used to open a short
-window of time during which the flash memory is writable (this fauture is
+window of time during which the flash memory is writable (this feature is
 intended to make accidental flash erasure more difficult).  Since the window
 is very narrow, any unexpected interrupts or other "diversions" may cause
 the process to fail, leaving the flash memory corrupted.  The flash driver
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
 .I /dev/nwflash
 device node; it can be created with the command
-.I mknod -m666 /dev/nwflash c 10 160
+.I mknod -m600 /dev/nwflash c 10 160
 The optional string
 .B flashdebug=1

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