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Re: atlas, lapack on arm

On Sat, 2002-02-23 at 21:37, Camm Maguire wrote:
> ../../tmglib_LINUX.a(slatms.o): In function `slatms_':
> slatms.o(.text+0x974): undefined reference to `.LC12'
> slatms.o(.text+0x97c): undefined reference to `.LC14'
> slatms.o(.text+0xda4): undefined reference to `.LC12'
> slatms.o(.text+0xdac): undefined reference to `.LC15'
> slatms.o(.text+0x1314): undefined reference to `.LC15'
> slatms.o(.text+0x1834): undefined reference to `.LC15'
> slatms.o(.text+0x1d00): undefined reference to `.LC12'
> slatms.o(.text+0x1d08): undefined reference to `.LC15'
>    Here libblas and liblapack are shared libs.  One can build an
>    executable without PIC and then link to a PIC shared lib on arm,
>    right? 

Right.  The errors above are caused by a compiler bug.  Try using
g77-3.0 rather than the default 2.95.  If that doesn't work, you will
need to generate a testcase and file a bug against g77.

> 2) atlas:   Atlas times various routines to pick the most efficient
>    for the host in question.  All timings on arm are so varied that
>    the build fails being unable to get timing values within the
>    required precision. 

I've no idea what's going on here.  I'll try compiling it by hand and
see what happens.


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