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neon package needs binNMU on arm

Hi guys,

(I'm not on the -arm list, Cc me if there are any replies I need to see)

The last compile of neon on arm linked against libxml2 instead of libxml,
thus breaking (at least) encompass.deb. It needs a binNMU (0.18.4-1.0.1)
to fix this in a clean chroot (it'll default to libxml2 if available).

Also, libneon-dev should Depend: on the -dev packages for the libraries
it's based upon so that these things are handled gracefully. In paticular
this should be libc6-dev, libz-dev and libxml-dev. Additionally,
neon should either Build-Conflict: on libxml2, or pass the appropriate
arguments to configure to ensure that libxml is chosen even if libxml2
is available on the system at build time.

After neon has been binNMU'ed, encompass should probably be given
back. There may be some other packages that use libneon, which may also
need to be binNMU'ed or retried.


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