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I have an ABIT BP6 dual-Celeron box with a bunch of IDE drives on it, and for some reason, a couple of the drives have been getting the disklabel misidentified as POWERTEC since about 2.4.14. I can't tell whether this is an upstream or Debian problem (since the Debian kernel-source patches IDE stuff pretty heavily).

So, how is this relevant to ARM?

I'm wondering, since POWERTEC is an Acorn SCSI dislabel type, it's really not very necessary to the i386 prebuilt images -- except to Acorn users who want to mount the disks on their Intel boxes, some of whom might be on this list. When I build images myself without the option, they work just fine on my machine.

So, as a "workaround", would any such people be heartbroken if this config option were dropped from the prebuilt i386 kernel images? I'd like to recommend to the maintainer that this be dropped, but figured I should ask here first...


-Adam P.

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