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Re: This is NOT an archive problem. Either deal with it or close it if you refuse to do so

On 9 Feb 2002, James Troup wrote:

> reassign 132604 ftp.debian.org
> thanks

Ummm... reassigned from ftp.d.o to ftp.d.o ?!

> If you want us to even look at this, you're going to have to provide
> _some_ evidence that this is an archive problem beyond "huh? I dunno
> what happened here".  This is not our problem and there is nothing we
> can do with it.  Either deal with it, or if you refuse to do so, close
> it.

Whew, I couldn't have put it better: This is not my problem and there is
nothing I can do with it.

There is an obvious evidence chain:
The package has been built by the arm autobuilder, according to the logs
on buildd.debian.org, but it hasn't since (for more than 2 weeks) appeared
in the archive.

Don't get me wrong here: I'm not saying it's your fault, but I have
collected all the traces I could. I have asked on debian-arm and ftpmaster
lists, but got no response. Well, I have your statement now. Thanks! ;-)

Maybe you could still help here: There seems to be a systematic error in
the way autobuilders upload their packages to the archive. (I remember
having the same problem with the m68k autobuilder...) Is there any way to
track this down?

Of course, I could just close _this_ particular bug now, and I will
probably schedule a rebuild for other reasons, but that wouldn't solve
the "autobuilt packages can get lost" problem.
Therefore, I'd rather pass this on to someone who can actually do
something about it.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any (pseudo) package related to
the buildd system, which this could be assigned to :-(


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