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Re: gnome-terminal broken

Philip Blundell wrote:

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 21:47, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

I'm wondering what's up with this message when I start gnome-terminal:

gnome-terminal: relocation error: gnome-terminal: undefined symbol: zvt_term_set_meta_use_high_bit

Is it a relocation error as in a PIC or other ELF-type problem, or is it just a missing symbol due to some library mismatch (and how could that have happened)?

It's the latter.  As to how it happened, it's hard to say.  Could be a
bad build; could be that the libzvt maintainers are not paying as much
attention to binary compatibility as they ought.  The first step would
be for you to fetch the build log for your gnome-terminal from
wanna-peruse and see what versions of libzvt-dev and libzvt2 it was
built against.
Thanks, that's what I suspected. I'll wait a few days for the autobuilders to (come on line and) catch up a bit, then file a bug if it's not right.


-Adam P.

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