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Would anybody care to look this over and see if you can make the Debian
package work?


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* Stefan Hanske (sh990154@uni-greifswald.de) [020125 18:48]:
> has been submitted quite a while ago, a code fix as well but somewhere 
> in the mozilla sea it seems to be lost.

Try bug #106864.  From first glance it appeared to be in the intl code,
but with some careful traceback, it appears that the xptcstubs code was
a tad bogus.  With the last attachment (incorrectly named xptcstubs.coo
due to my inability to type) and one of the one line fixes (it's
comment #16), mozilla runs well (but slowly) on my Netwinder.
Everything (apparently) works (including PSM).  I have not tried SVG,
however.  It on UNIX builds, SVG uses libart.  Libart is not something
I'm running to execute on a machine without hardware fp...

I have yet to put it on my iPAQ (need to get the USB networking working
again, and find where I stashed my 80meg CF card...)

> A quick and dirty fix is to compile the three .c files in intl/uconv/src 
> with -mstructure-size-boundary=8 due to a structure alignment problem 
> in those files.

Didn't need to do that if the above stuff is put into place.  If there
are other uconv bugs, *please* bugzilla them and attach a test case (if
a page triggers it).

Of course, all this may be a WORKSFORME, but it appears to be pretty

Take care,
Mark Crichton

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