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Re: No network under Netwinder install

On Friday 30 November 2001 03:21 am, Ian Jeffray wrote:

> * From here follow the onscreen instructions - you're running the
>     debian installer.  *BUT*  it failed to talk to the network, so as soon
> as you can, go to a shell console (alt-f2) then enter "insmod old_tulip"
> (If you just do "insmod tulip" it goes 'nuts' then locks up the machine)
> You'll need to move the ethernet cable to the 10/100 socket now, too.

Thank you very much for the time you took to compose that reply.  I
certainly appreciate that kind of willingness to help.

I have one the early DM machines.  I never got the DEC tulip interface
working.  Someting about the S ROM.  insmod old_tulip says Device
or resource busy, with a hint about module parameters and IO and
IRQ parameters.

Maybe I should put my old disk back in, with Linux on it, run
insmod -f tulip_upgd-2.2.o
to upgrade the tulip, then go back to the install and use the tulip interface 
to continue the install on the new disk?


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