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Re: partitions

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          ne <nex@moose.co.uk> wrote:

> but, what i was wondering is .... i read on chockys page that there was 
> a boot sector wiper thingy in development and i was wondering if this 
> was avaliable yet

It looks something like this:

  size% = 100 * 1024
  DIM block% size%
  FOR zero% = 0 TO size% STEP 4
  block%!zero% = &0
  FOR zero% = 0 TO 1024
  REM PRINT zero%
  SYS "IDEFS_DiscOp",,2,zero% * size% + 5 << 29,block%,size% NEXT

It seems you need to wipe more than just the Filecore boot sector.

It is CRUCIAL you do not run this program unless you understand what it
does.  Otherwise, you will suffer data loss.  As it is, it erases the
first megabyte of an IDEFS drive 5.  Easily changed for other
filesystems and drives.


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