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Merge of Debian kernel changes into main tree


a while ago there was a thread on linux-arm-kernel ("clps7500 compile
errors") about how the Debian/Netwinder kernel sources differ from
RMK's tree. AFAIK, the Netwinder tree is only available via CVS (and
as a kernel-source .deb).

RMK argued that he needs to be fed patches for stuff from the
Netwinder tree to get into his tree. I think he has a point. So... are
there any attempts to merge the trees?

>From my point of view, I'm concerned that the Netwinder patches will
not make it into the main kernel and that in the long run, they will
get lost as maintainers move on to new hardware, and that as a result,
my beloved RiscPC will become unsupported by ARMLinux. :-/



PS: It would be great if at least there were a big patch to apply on
top of RMK's patch, and not just CVS access.
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