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X on a RISC PC?

I have (debian) ArmLinux running on my RISC PC. When
ever I do a startx I get the folowing error.

(**) FBDev: Using default frame buffer video mode
(--) FBDev: Frame buffer device: Acorn
(--) FBDev: Video memory: 2048K @ 0x2000000
(--) FBDev: MMIO regs: 0K @ (nil)
(--) FBDev: Type 0 type_aux 0 bits_per_pixel 8
(--) FBDev: Hardware accelerator: None
(--) FBDev: No driver support for hardware
bpp = 8, depth = 8, BitsPerRGB = 8
(--) FBDev: Using cfb8 driver
Caught signal 11.

Any Idea what's up?
Server aborting...

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