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ELF file OS ABI not 0 - what does this mean?

I've been using lart project ramdisks for a while quite happily, but I
recently noticed that if I just copy debian-arm (potato) executablrs and
their libraries into such a ramdisk and try and run them I get the error:
'objdump: error in loading shared libraries: libopcodes- :ELF
file OS ABI not 0' (for objdump, obviously)

Can anyone tell me what this means/what is not configured right. Is it a
mismatch in library versions? kernel support for this ABI missing? What do I
poke to fix it? ie do I just need to configure something or is it an
fundamental mismatch that requires lots of recompilation?

The other main libs are libc-2.1.so, libc.so.4.6.27, ld-2.1.so, libm-2.1.1.so
if that helps.

any clues?


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