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Re: Samba dog slog

In message <20010604192306.B983@atterer.net>
          Richard Atterer <deb-arm@list.atterer.net> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 11:44:44AM +0100, Peter Naulls wrote:
> > As of this morning, Samba started delivering files awfully slowly to
> > both RISC OS and Windows from my NetWinder.  As an idea as to how slow -
> > it's not fast enough to play MP3s without glitches every few seconds.
> [snip]
> > Any ideas, or diagnostics I could run?
> This is pure speculation, but have you checked your network hardware?
> Any loose plugs, broken cables, FUBAR hubs...?

I haven't made a thorough check, but I don't think so.  All other
aspects of the network appear to be working as normal.

However, it appears to have now cleared, but this is one of those things
that tends to come back; so I'm still interested in any diagnostics
anyone can suggest.


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