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Samba dog slog

As of this morning, Samba started delivering files awfully slowly to
both RISC OS and Windows from my NetWinder.  As an idea as to how slow -
it's not fast enough to play MP3s without glitches every few seconds.

Unfortunatey, the cause isn't clear - Samba itself hasn't been updated
on my system for some time, nor has the kernel.  And I can't see
anything in package updates of the last week which might come close to
being a suspect; so I'm hesitant to log a bug against any particular

Any ideas, or diagnostics I could run?


 Peter Naulls - peter@erble.freeserve.co.uk
 RISC OS Projects Initiative  -  http://chocky.mine.nu/initiative/
 Java for RISC OS and ARM     -  http://www.java.riscos.org.uk/
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