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Re: autobuilder status?

>Is there something wrong with arm at the moment? The Building counts
>seems high. In any case, is there some other way of getting a couple more
>percent up-to-date so arm can officially go over 90%, and join sparc,
>alpha and i386 as a will-delay-entry-into-testing arch?

Nothing is particularly wrong.  The `Building' count includes packages that 
failed to build but haven't yet been looked at, and packages that built 
successfully but owing to administrator incompetence failed to get uploaded, 
as well as packages that are genuinely building.  I've flushed all those 
packages back into `Needs-Build' for another go, and I expect at least some of 
them will work this time round.  As a temporary measure I've also turned the 
third buildd machine back on, since medusa is building qt-x11 which takes 
something like 36 hours to compile.

A lot of packages were stuck waiting for libgtkhtml; this had a build-depend 
on an old libgal-dev, which in turn depended on libgal6.  The newer libgal 
needs libgtkhtml to build so I had to fish libgal6 out of the morgue.

If that doesn't get us over 90% then more drastic action might be called for, 
like fixing the libtool problem that afflicts the whole of KDE.


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