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Crashes on ARM710 resolved


I am fairly confident that I have tracked down the source of binaries
that crash on my ARM710. It seems to have been a Netwinder of Bdale
Garbee's, which was running unstable, but hadn't been upgraded to the
latest unstable packages for quite some time. A couple of people used
the machine for compiling, including the perl and X maintainers.

Now that this Netwinder seems to have been upgraded [er, well, also
its disk crashed shortly afterwards, I gather :-/], I hope whatever
broken toolchain existed there has been fixed, and no more broken
packages will enter unstable.

NB: In order for some things not to crash here, I have to run a 2.4
kernel with the Debian-specific "Netwinder" patches. I suspect it's
got something to do with the kernel alignment trap handler, but I'm
not sure at all.

<sigh> Just now that things finally start working, my RiscPC's
harddisk shows signs of dying... :-/



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