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Re: 2.4.1-1 gives s undefined symbol: __umodsi3

On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 07:06:31PM +0100, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >1: /usr/include/asm/arch was an empty directory. Should this be?
> >   I removed it and made a symlink to arch-rpc
> >2: likewise proc was an empty directory. Should that be?
> >   I removed it and made a symlink to proc-armv, which I believe to be correct
> Right.  (You could try the latest build of libc6, though I don't expect it to 
> make much difference.)
> >YPT_H=1 -DHAS_SHADOW -DUSE_PAM -DPLUGIN   -c -o auth.o auth.c
> >auth.c:58: security/pam_appl.h: No such file or directory
> >
> >What has gone wrong here? Is this a missing build dependency?
> Looks like it.  What does the build-depends line say?

Seems to be user cluelessness.

Build-Depends: libpam0g-dev, debhelper

I did apt-get source ppp and then make -f debian/rules in the appropriate
directory. Nothing caused me to get libpam0g-dev, until your e-mail caused
me to read the file to find the build dependencies.

With libpan0g-dev it builds the deb, but then proceeds to make clean to
build a udeb [what are they? I have no idea. Which FM should I R?]

This fails with

dh_shlibdeps            -pppp-udeb
# Don't write your stupid guesses to debian/files.
dh_gencontrol           -pppp-udeb -- -fdebian/files~
# Register file manually.
dpkg-distaddfile        ppp-udeb_2.4.1-1_arm.udeb debian-installer standard
dh_md5sums              -pppp-udeb
dh_builddeb             -pppp-udeb --filename=ppp-udeb_2.4.1-1_arm.udeb
Unknown option: filename
dh_builddeb: unknown option; aborting
make: *** [ppp-udeb] Error 1

I've downloaded the latest (testing) debhelper which appears to have solved
the build problem, and I can install the .dep and get ppp --version to
tell me 2.4.1
However, the connection doesn't get further than IP addresses in
/var/log/messages [no packets seem to pass, certainly can't log in anywhere]
so something's duff.
I don't think it restarted cleanly after I'd installed the newer debhelper
[built the .deb from the udeb tree then built the udeb from the same tree]
so I'll try a clean build tomorrow.

Nicholas Clark

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