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2.4.1-1 gives s undefined symbol: __umodsi3

I've just partially upgraded Debian on my RiscPC from potato-of-some-time-ago
to testing. pppd won't run due to dynamic linker errors:

pppd --version
pppd: error while loading shared libraries: pppd: undefined symbol: __umodsi3

This is ppp2.4.1-1 with the problem, libc6 is 2.2.2-4, gcc is 2.95.3-7,
[__umodsi3 is a symbol in libgcc, isn't it?]

$ nm /usr/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.4/libgcc.a | grep umodsi3
         U __umodsi3
         U __umodsi3
         U __umodsi3
         U __umodsi3
         U __umodsi3
00000000 T __umodsi3

So what's gone wrong? And was it worthy of this report?

I've dropped back to ppp 2.3.11-1.4 to go online to send this, and get source
for ppp 2.4.1, which I will build myself to see if that solves it for me.

Nicholas Clark

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