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keymap for RiscPC

[Bcc'd to 85629@bugs.debian.org]


Phil wrote:
> Yann wrote:
> >A detailed description of the keymap will be necessary anyway; see
> >/usr/share/debhelper/dh-consoledata/templates/keymaps for the
> >definition of the console-data/keymap/* questions.
> I don't personally have any information beyond what's in the kmap
> file. I've asked on the debian-arm mailing list to see if there are
> any volunteers to provide the details.

I'm willing to help, except it is not entirely clear to me what you
mean by the paragraph above, Yann. The RiscPC has a *standard* PS/2
port, so you can plug in *any* PC keyboard, and the answers to the
questions will change according to the keyboard.

IMHO, the best solution would be to use the i386 keymaps, but convert
them to RiscPC maps (on the fly or while building the package) using
just one fixed lowlevel-to-lowlevel key code map.

I have the following keyboards:
 - original Acorn British (qwerty) [gathering dust /somewhere/...]
 - original Acorn German (qwertz)
 - M$ Natural Elite German (qwertz)

This means I can give you the lowlevel "showkey" keycodes for all of
these, including the additional key on German keyboards (between the Y
and left Shift) and the Meta+Menu keys.



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