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Re: labltk native code build problem on arm. (PR#327)

> > I didn't even know that there was an arm native port for ocaml...
> Don't read the ocaml README file often, do you. Support was there
> since a long time ago, since before they dropped m68k i think.

Correct.  The ARM port was done at the end of 1998.

> > Well, my first guess would be that there is ome limitation in the arm
> > architecture on the size of immediately loaded constants. Since large
> > integer constants are only generated when compiling polymorphic variants
> > that would explain why the problem only appears with labltk.

This is roughly what's happening.  However, the constant in question
doesn't come from polymorphic variants, it's just a stack frame size
(1180) that cannot be expressed as an ARM immediate.

I'll try to fix this, however I no longer have access to an ARM machine
(e.g. Netwinder) to test the ARM code generator.  If anyone wants to
do beta-testing, just drop me (Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr) a line.

- Xavier Leroy

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